Club Shoots now Only on SUNDAYS, 2nd weekend of the Month

The experiment of having the 2nd weekend shoots on both Saturday and Sunday did not get the response hoped for. So, we have gone to having the 2nd weekend club shoots ONLY on Sundays. The shoots will be still be 14 targets, one half of the field and hunter course, to facilitate the busy schedules everyone seems to have now-a-days. You can, of course, shoot all 28 if you like. Or even all 28 twice. That’s up to you. If you want to record scores for more than 14 targets check with the person running the shoot for requirements. Most shoots, owing to the shorter time, will not have a food option, so expect to brown bag it unless otherwise noted. The fee is still only $5, and scores still count towards the handicap shoot on November 9th.

Also remember, this is your club as much as anyone’s. If you want to see a Club Shoot on any day you don’t see one, check with any club officer about how YOU can host one. It really is pretty easy to do.

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