Here you will find the general descriptions of the different “rounds” we shoot. I will add more as I become assured that my information is correct in the context of our club.  Feel free to send in your description of any rounds not listed.

Field & Hunter Round The Salinas Bowmen Field and Hunter course consists of two sections of 14 targets each for a total of 28 targets. The round consists of 14 targets FieldHunterwith “Field” target faces shot from the white stakes  and 14 targets with “Hunter” target faces shot from the red stakes. 4 arrows are shot at each target. Maximum score for each target is 20 points. Maximum score for the course is 560.  Youth (12-14) shoot from the blue stakes. Cubs (under 12) shoot from the Black stakes (Green stakes are only used during the yearly “Island Shoot”).

 NFAA 900 Target Round (from the NFAA web page)
“The 900 Round consists of 30 arrows each at 60, 50 and 40 yards using the standard 122-cm FITA
face. There are five, Archery_target6-arrow ends at each distance, in descending order. Scoring is as follows: inner gold –
10, outer gold – 9, inner red – 8, outer red – 7, inner blue – 6, outer blue – 5, inner black – 4, outer black – 3,
inner white – 2, and outer white – 1. Perfect score is (3 distances) x (30 arrows/distance) x (10) = 900.”

Salinas Bowmen Big “8”       A traditional Spring event held one evening a week for 8 weeks. Each night 16 animal targets are shot, 2 arrows per target. Centre of “kill” area is 11 points, just out side of “kill” area is 10 points, all other shots that hit the target are worth 5 points. Distances are not marked, no range finders, and no discussion of distances are allowed. Traditional and Compound classes are awarded.DSC_0088